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What is a Steamroller?

Steamroller Pipes are awesome! You can identify them by their shape, a cylinder open on both ends with a bowl normally close to one side. Steamrollers come in a lot of varying sizes and can be a great pipe for first timers or newbies. The smoke from a Steamroller is described as good, large, dry and full, making a fantastic smoking session. They can be sleek, a mini 4 Inch Steamroller is a great on the go low profile discrete sneak a toke or they can be superb 3 feet long detailed pipe that you need a friend to spark. The only thing you can be sure about when it comes to steamrollers is they smoke like a champ, and are sure to be a favorite in your collection too.

How to hit a Steamroller

You hit a Steamroller by cupping the far side with one hand, pulling from the other while striking the bowl. After the chamber fills release the far side and draw in the remainder of the smoke.

  1. Cup the far side with one hand.
  2. Start pulling/breathing in from the mouth piece.
  3. Strike the bowl.
  4. Keep pulling, filling up the Steamroller's chamber.
  5. Un-cup the far end and inhale the remainder of the smoke.
  6. Enjoy smoking out of your Steamroller Pipe

How to clean a Steamroller

Cleaning a Steamroller Pipe is pretty easy, I take my Steamroller and place it in a easily cleanable Pyrex dish.

  1. Fill the dish up till the pipe is covered or at least 50% covered with Isopropyl alcohol.
  2. Let soak for 2-3 hours
  3. Flip
  4. Let soak for 2-3 hours
  5. Rinse your pipe off with hot water and lightly wipe any remaining resin off.
Cleaning a Steamroller Pipe
Cleaning a Steamroller Pipe 2
Cleaning a Steamroller Pipe 3
Cleaning a Steamroller Pipe 4
Cleaning a Steamroller Pipe 5
Cleaning a Steamroller Pipe 6
Cleaned Steamroller Pipe

Why is a Steamroller Pipe called a Steamroller?

This pipe takes its name from its cylindrical shape matching the front end of a Steamroller Train. It's also the same shape as a traditional Native American Ceremonial Smoking Pipe.