Dab Rigs

Dab Rigs

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What is a Dab Rig?

A Dab Rig is a piece of smoking glass meant to help a person consume Hash Oil. A Dab Rig is normally made up of 3 different pieces and 4 primary chambers. The pieces are the Dome, the Nail and the Rig. Some variants of the nail are “domeless” and with these you do not need a dome. The 4 primary chambers are 1. the dome 2. The dome stalk 3. smoke holding chamber 4. clearing tube.

How to hit a Dab Rig

  1. Start by taking a small chunk of hash oil on the end of a metal or glass rod.
  2. Remove the Dome from the rig.
  3. Apply a torch to the nail.
  4. Place the Dome back on the rig.
  5. Place your mouth on the Dab Rig ready to draw.
  6. Begin drawing and apply the hash oil to the red hot nail.
  7. Exhale and enjoy your trip to the moon.

How to clean Dab Rigs

Why is a Dab Rig called a Dab Rig?

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I first heard them of them as an Oil Piece, and we would “Dome Out”. This was name after the dome style of smoking piece we had. Later I heard people start referring to the globs of hash oil as dabs. As the prevalence of domeless nails and bangers rose people would less and less often refer to the process as doming and more as dabbing. After a while the smoking piece stopped being referenced as a dome piece and slowly became known as a dab rig.

What else is a Dab Rig Known as?

I have heard them called, Dab Rig, Dome Rig, Dome Piece, Oil Piece, Hash Oil Piece, Hash Oil Hookah.